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Hello everyone :)
Today, I've decided to share with you all some video uploads ... because it has seriously been an eternity since the last time I seriously uploaded something besides concerts. Anyway, I'll try to upload videos I usually only share on Dailymotion, so you can enjoy it for free on your computer too. This video was recorded live on the ShowRoom website through special ways to avoid the comments and animations on the videos. That explains why this video is free of all these things and looks clean. :)

The quality is marked as "HQ", but it is definetly not the best thing you've seen. However, it is the highest video quality that was available during the stream. There was not any VODs for it, so I was lucky I could catch it in time ^^

Credits are appreciated if you repost the file, but not necessary. Just don't claim it as your work, okay guys ? <3

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Hello everyone :)
These days, something came up to me. Something that I didn't see in a while. So while this post could apply to any sort of celebrities on social medias, I will focus on the one I know the best. In fact, what I will talk about right now have a name, it is called
catfishing. (Click on the word to get a good definition of it.)
What is this word that relates to furry balls and fishing some fishes ? Well, it is about creating an entire world, sometimes people, or anything, that ends up being fake. It mostly happens online as it's easier to hide the lies, but it also happens in real life. When someone creates a fake famous celebrity profile (or any random people) and he makes someone believe he/she is truly the person he/she pretends to be ... it IS catfishing. And this, especially for a long time. Do not mix up catfishing with roleplay accounts, because in such cases, you DO specify it is just roleplay and NOT the reality.

I was myself a victim of catfishing for nearly an entire year with someone who would have made up so much lies and even created 4 or 5 different persons I've interacted with. Some people are very smart, but the one we're gonna talk about here aren't really that type.

Got curious ? Come with me to find out the truth !
No names of anyone will be published in this, except for those accounts that I know at 100% they are fake accounts, celebrities or not.

~All the infos under the cut, take a look ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
Hello ^_^
Long time no see, right ? Well, it's because I tend to share most of my videos nowadays on my Dailymotion account, so it gives me less time to write an entry on my blog. But for such type of videos, I think it's necessary to dedicate my time for an entry, don't you think ?
Today, the 04th of July of 2018, it is the birthday of our dear GACKT, he turned 45 years old. He have made a concert called "LAST SONGS" wich was to commemorate the big steps of his carreer, the most important things related to him (at least, that's how I see it lol). He also invited guests, such as Jon Underdown from YFC, he performed songs with those guests, and I loved it. So I though of sharing the full concert for you guys ! <3

There was a little lag during Yohio's MC with GACKT, and I apologize for that. Overall, the video quality is quite similar to the original broadcast. I did my best to give the best results as I could ^_^

Join all the parts together with the freeware called "HJsplit" and make sure the file names are exactly the same before doing so ! ^_^

Hello everyone ! :)
I barely post anymore on my Livejournal, I must admit. I apologize for that, because I use more Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread the informations such as new videos or photos nowadays. But this news deserved an entire post here, that's for sure ! :)
Today, in Japan, so the 1st of April, GACKT.com's official website updated with one of his new jokes ... GAKTON. GAKTON is supposedly the new GACKT for today, but with something ... different. He payed a visit to Chachamaru's live for his birthday to sing Kagero, with the actual G's voice. It quite surprised Cha², who wasn't expecting to hear GACKT. The video below has been aired today on NicoNico, and shows GAKTON in action ! ^^ The purpose of this post is to gather all the medias you can ever find online about our new fave japanese singer ! ^_^

A lots of photos are behind the cut, and I tried to do my best to not forget anything. If you find something that is missing, tell me and I'll add it there ! ^^

All the photos below can be reposted without permissions. These aren't my scans in any ways, all the photos comes from official medias such as G's official website ! ^_^

~ Lots of FUN behind the cut ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
Hello everyone ! :)
After gathering some courage, I am finally taking the time to write a review of the GACKT Last Visualive that got released on DVD and Bluray in March 2017. If you look for the tag "review" on the left side of my blog (CTRL + F on keyboard), you will notice that I've already reviewed some other GACKT releases in the past. I felt like I should review this item too, as it is a very impressive tour, his last visualive, who is visually stunning. :)

Ended in 2016, quite some time has passed between the end of his tour, and the release of his concert. But a lot of questions came to my mind while watching it, I must admit. First, why didn't I went to Japan to see it in person ? (xD) Secondly, why this release lack contains from the actual show ?

I will try to be as neutral as possible while writting that review, so keep in mind that there will be negative points to be detailed, but also positive ones. I hope reading that will help you deciding to buy it or not if you still didn't got it ! ^_^

~ Review of this masterpiece ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
~ My overall opinion and end of the review ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
I would like to say something first of all. I would like to thank everyone who contributed financially to me through a YouCaring page that I've opened last year. Sadly, it just disapeared, so I can't even link it to you all ... but this helped me obtaining an item I would have never been able to get without your help. I sure got custom fees out of it (can't help it), but it is thanks to YOU that I could recieve it at home. I dunno how to properly thank you all for your kindness, but I'm really grateful ! :3
This item is the limited premium DVD version of GACKT's Last Visualive (shortened as LVL) that have 3 disks. The bluray version got only 2, but the contains is strictly the same. It contains a bonus making-of video of approximatly 20 minutes long. It is pretty similar in terms of packaging than the limited BOTB box that featured the two concerts, and who was on sale in the GACKT store.

This contain a booklet with quite a few nice pictures, along with the lyrics of the songs played in the concert. It even came with a postcard that is scanned obviously ^_^

A thank you is always appreciated if taken, and if you repost it, don't feel forced to credit me. If you do it, I would still appreciate it :3 However, do not claim the work as yours, thank you ! :)

~ Some LVL goodness under the cut ! ~Collapse )
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Happy New Year 2017 everyone !!!
I would like to wish you all a much better year than what we had in 2016, and hopefully tons of new and positive memories for you all. I know it might be like every other years, both shitty and ... not shitty, but I still hope for the best, for you all ! :)

I wanted to share this since a while actually, but because of the lack of proper time to scan this LONG book, I basically spent months to complete it entirely and get satisfaction in my work. To scan half of this, in the fastest way as possible, it took the entire afternoon, from like 2 PM to 7 PM. I did that for so long, but at the end, I know it will worth it !
I'm offering you all to begin this new year the photobook of the Best of the Best 2013 tour, that is quite hard to find nowadays, and who got sold-out really fast. It is a really beautifull photobook, wich have a lot of nice photos, both of backstage and live. I do hope you will love it ! :)

For the sake of keeping my photobook alive, I couldn't scan ALL the pages obviously, but I still think I'm providing you a decent amount though ! ^^
Find the password among the scans, it is really easy if you pay a little bit attention, so no need to ask for it ! ^_^

No need to credit me for the scans if you repost them, however, if you do, I would really appreciate it ! Also, I will read all your messages, so a thank you if you take it is always enjoyable for me ! :333

~ A lot of gorgeous pictures under the cut ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
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Hello everyone ! :D *blows some dust here*
After 2 days of hardwork (I was busy, so it's been 3 days since it has aired), I can finally share with you all the GACKT Last Visualive, that he performed in Japan earlier this year. It was aired in japanese television WoWoW the 23th October 2016, and I got to record it. It glitched, but I had access to the direct channel stream with a good and decent quality. HOWEVER, someone that I won't mention since I don't know if he/she wants to (if you do, message me ^^) posted a 24 Gbs version of the concert, in Ultra HD !!! :D

However, since it is a biiit troublesome to share a 24 Gbs file besides torrent, and also because I understand that some people cannot store such big files, I worked on a smaller version. The video quality isn't ultra HD, but it is great HQ to me. If you want to take a look, here's a preview ! :)

If those screencaps made you wanna see more of that lovely concert, go and download the full concert, not recorded by myself, BUT fully edited (removed useless commercials) and converted in .mp4 by myself. And trust me, for a 24 Gbs file, it is not easy ! :P
Anyway, let's get to the point. If you want to download it, you will need TWO things :

- An account on this website (it's free) : MEGA
- Their software, available here : SOFTWARE

So if you're done with everything, you can proceed to the download, right below.
Make sure to download that FAST, as I don't know for how long the link will remain active, due to copyright issues.