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Tutorial - How to join to the official GACKT fanclub without living in Japan !

For now, Mukunoki have personal issues, so he may not be able to handle the fanclub stuff service for an unknown period. I would recommand then to choose an another service until he solve everything.

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, and also because a lot of peoples asked me "How can I join the GACKT fanclub ?", I've decided to make a tutorial about this. At first, you have to keep in mind that Dears, the official japanese GACKT fanclub don't accept overseas memberships, so don't try to join in a normal way. But you can apply for a membership with the help of a service called "shopping service". A shopping service is someone who help you to get things from Japan that you're not supposed to get your hands on it, for example, being a fanclub member. That's at this right moment that Mukunoki arrive. Mukunoki is really a great person who are always kind with you and try to do the best for what you want, that's why I recommand this shopping service.

Click on the LJ cut for more informations about how to join the official GACKT fanclub and about Mukunoki in general ! ^__^

If you want to repost this tutorial elsewhere, please repost the tutorial with a link to this entry from my Livejournal, thanks !


~ Mukunoki official website ! ~

Well, at first, you need to need to know that a shopping service is NOT free. The meaning is that he will give you this service, but you have to pay for this service. A shopping service like Mukunoki are able to get for you some items selled for example in Yahoo Japan Auctions, but I will explain this later. Here is what you need before starting to join the fanclub :

- To know how to speak english a little bit ! (Or japanese if you're fluent in that language.)
- A paypal account
- Money (Yes, that's true ! xD)

Let's start this little and simple tutorial everyone. In the website, you have to create an account, follow this link in you want to register into the website !
For the birthday date and the full adress, be carefull, they are the most important parts. Due to your birthday, the GACKT official fanclub will send you a special birthday cards with your name behind this one, the birthday card is changing each years and have GACKT printed handwritting on them ! You also have a second part in this register form, it's the part where you will select the fanclub you want to join. For this tutorial, I will choose of course the GACKT official fanclub. So here is what you have to write in this part :

Band Name : GACKT official fanclub Dears
URL : http://www.gackt.com/
Any Questions ? : Write that you want to apply to the official GACKT fanclub, or if you have really a question, ask.

The rest of this tutorial is really simple, but is what will happen next. First, you're now a member of the Mukunoki website, but I will explain how to purchase in Yahoo Japan Auctions and other japanese websites with Mukunoki in an another short tutorial. Mukunoki will contact you via email about all the advantages in the fanclub, prices etc. But here is in advance the prices and also the different kind of memberships you can get in the fanclub. The prices are not including the additional money that Mukunoki will add and are the original price communicated by GACKT.com !

Please keep in mind that it takes usually around 2 months to complete to registration, and this, for Mukunoki or not ! :)


Able to check Dears Mansion

Web magazines

FC magazines (paper versions)

Others (Birthday card, etc...) 

A 8000YEN

B 6000YEN


C 4500YEN



Dears Mansion : A place where you can talk with peoples, write on the personal wall of GACKT, You, etc. It's a place for all the fans. The official Eneru's web blog is also aviable over there.
Web magazines : It's the GG Monthly magazines. Each months, a new GG Monthly is aviable.
FC magazines (paper versions) : 3 or 4 paper version of the GG Monthly will be sent to you via Mukunoki. Each publications contain 3 GG Monthly.
Others (Birthday cards, etc ...) : It's like promotional flyers, birthday cards, christmas cards, etc ...

Well, about myself, I've applied for the plan A, and with the Mukunoki service, it cost me around 160 euros for one year, with full advantages. I agree, it's quite expensive, but for a very nice service like Mukunoki and to be in the official Dears fanclub, you don't have any other choices. Mukunoki will always send you an email when you can pre-order some fanclub stuff like DVD (the recent YFC dvd for example) and he will send you for free all the flyers and web magazines he will recieve, to you. If you want to recieve your FC stuff more quickly, you can add 450 yens, and he will send you the stuff via air registered mail.
If you still don't trust those kind of services, here is what I've got with Mukunoki's services :

- Gladiator Evolution OST
- GHOST single (Fanclub edition)
- Requiem & Reminiscence II DVD (Fanclub edition)
- My Fanclub membership card
- YFC DVD (Soon xD)

Because Mukunoki will explain you in detail what will happen next, I think it's useless to explain more than this. If you still have some questions, ask me, I will try to anwser you better that I can ! ^__^

An another tutorial will be made about how to purchase on Yahoo Japan Auctions website with Mukunoki shopping service, so don't ask about this for now, thanks !
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