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[DVDrip] GACKT - Animelo Summer Live (2009.08.23) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
I'm happy to bring to everyone a HQ quality of the performances made by GACKT in the Animelo Summer Live 2009. He have performed 3 songs, Ai~Senshi, The Next Decade, and finally Redemption. Right after Ai~Senshi, he have made a very short MC. Then, in the last DVD of the 2nd day, you can found a backstage for EACH artists, Gackt include, so I've added this exclusive video to the entry too, hope you will enjoy ! :)
The video resolution is 720 x 400 pixels, so much better than all the other versions who can be found on Internet !

Please credit me if you repost these videos, it was a LOT of work to download the full Animelo (42 Gbs) and next to extract the GACKT performances, thank you ! :)
Tags: animelo 2009, animelo summer live 2009, download, gackt, hq, kamen rider decade, live, r&r ii, redemption, the next decade

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