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[NicoNico] GACKT - Camui Gakuen Tour (2018.10.25) ~HQ~

Hello to everyone ! :)
I've been wanting to post the full concert on my blog here, but I'm seriously lacking energy to do so. All thanks to the current TOEIC training I've been going through, I don't have much time for myself. But here we go, offering you all the Camui Gakuen concert of the year 2018. This aired on
NicoNico Douga for premium users, but free users could watch a small portion of the concert, the first 30 minutes approximatly. The full concert is recorded here for you all, and needless to say that I've lost 2 full days of my life to take care of all the backstage footages and everything else. I even took a day off at my training session for this ! xD
The concert has been recorded with a quality of "2 Mbs" according to NicoNico Douga. 3 Mbs were available, but would make the whole recording laggy at times. I hope you'll still enjoy it anyway ^_^

Join all the parts together with the freeware called "HJsplit" and make sure the file names are exactly the same before doing so ! ^_^

Tags: camui gakuen, dailymotion, download, gackt, hq, laruku, seito kaicho, shingeki no kyojin

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