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[TikTok] GACKT - Compilation Footages (September 2018) [HD]

Bonjour :)
I've wanted to share today a compilation of more than one GACKT video today. These videos are all coming from the same place, TikTok. This is an app on mobile phones that allows you to create funny videos with a database of audio samples from any regions of the world. You can of course use your own. GACKT decided since some time to share with us videos using this app, and some of them are really well made. I've compiled all the footages available up to today, in one single video, so I do hope it will make it enjoyable for you ! <3

Those versions, despite having my watermark (I struggled to find a way to put them all together xD) doesn't come with TikTok's watermark you see while viewing it on the app or the website. That's my way of showing you I do put some dedications on what I do ;)

GACKT TikTok's profile : https://m.tiktok.com/h5/share/usr/6553804266955194369.html

Credits are appreciated if you repost the file, but not necessary. Just don't claim it as your work, okay guys ? <3

Tags: dailymotion, download, funny, gackt, hq, tiktok, videos

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