Tenshin26100 (tenshin26100) wrote,

[NicoNico] GACKT - Secret Live Performance (2018.03.05) ~Rehearsals~ {HQ}

Hello tout le monde :)
In order to continue on my efforts of providing you more download links for GACKT videos, I'm doing this post to share with you all the rehearsals of the surprise live he did at a japanese school in 2018. He is coming to a school of his choice among many requests he recieves, and perform No Ni Saku Hana no You Ni. I find it really nice that they show us such footages, I personally am a fan of it. This was aired on NicoNico Douga, and obviously recorded by myself~

As always, with NicoNico Douga, don't expect HD quality. But this is definetly a decent video quality, so I hope you'll enjoy ! <3

Credits are appreciated if you repost the file, but not necessary. Just don't claim it as your work, okay guys ? <3

Tags: dailymotion, download, gackt, hq, live, nico nico, niconico douga, no ni saku hana no you ni, rehearsals

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