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[Informations] How to spot a fake GACKT account on social medias ?

Hello everyone :)
These days, something came up to me. Something that I didn't see in a while. So while this post could apply to any sort of celebrities on social medias, I will focus on the one I know the best. In fact, what I will talk about right now have a name, it is called
catfishing. (Click on the word to get a good definition of it.)
What is this word that relates to furry balls and fishing some fishes ? Well, it is about creating an entire world, sometimes people, or anything, that ends up being fake. It mostly happens online as it's easier to hide the lies, but it also happens in real life. When someone creates a fake famous celebrity profile (or any random people) and he makes someone believe he/she is truly the person he/she pretends to be ... it IS catfishing. And this, especially for a long time. Do not mix up catfishing with roleplay accounts, because in such cases, you DO specify it is just roleplay and NOT the reality.

I was myself a victim of catfishing for nearly an entire year with someone who would have made up so much lies and even created 4 or 5 different persons I've interacted with. Some people are very smart, but the one we're gonna talk about here aren't really that type.

Got curious ? Come with me to find out the truth !
No names of anyone will be published in this, except for those accounts that I know at 100% they are fake accounts, celebrities or not.


For this example, we will take the example of a fake GACKT account I've selected. Please note that I won't say any names, but I do know who could be behind this mess for such example. A lot of people seems to believe in it, wich is very sad. I would like to introduce you to gacktcamui46 on Facebook (click the link to go to the profil)
This is one hell of a fake account, pretending to be GACKT at 100%, and by that, it means also fooling people with fake informations and fake updates. Basically, it is absolute catfishing at its finest. You don't believe me ? Here is some points that could change your mind.

1) The real GACKT won't share pixelated GIFS or even GIFS in general of a press conference of Akumu-chan for no reasons like below. And also, why tagging along weird-ass fishy accounts while sharing it ? It makes no sense, GACKT is not a 16 years old and have other stuff to do.

2) A real celebrity would not publish much about his private life, because he knows how dangerous it can be. But here, it's the total opposite, he claims to be IN RELATIONSHIP with Hamasaki Ayumi, but also list out some weird family members. Why his family would also be in Facebook and accept to be tagged on his profile ? I mean ... his MOM would be on Facebook with him apparently ! xD

3) Talking about private infos, I went to look into this bootleg Hamasaki Ayumi that he's supposedly in relationship with. Oh my god what I've found cracked me up. In this screenshot below, you see Ayumi talking about GACKT. Okay, but ask yourself one ... okay many questions ! xD
After finding the awnsers ... you'll know what type of nonsense it is.

- Why, as japanese persons, do they interact with each others in English ?
- Why do they have such a broken English that even Google translate can doe better ?
- Why do they both sound like 14 years old immature boys/girls ?
- Why the fuck GACKT's mom (according to this account, see N°2) would even comment in the same broken english, or simply comment at all ?

4) Why would the real GACKT be bothered by people using the "Camui" word on Facebook, saying he's disapointed by someone's friend and stuff. Why would he simply care with everything he needs to do and work on ? Do you think someone busy like him would do that ? One again, this is catfishing because that fake account is using his power to make someone feel bad, and then that person would feel somehow "important" to put down others. It's sick. And let's not forget the broken english, obviously.

5) When someone wants to catfish others, he will also try to come up with informations about themselves that are made up and totally fake. The point is to make them believable, but with some researches, you can find out the truth. The "real" GACKT on this Facebook states his dog Dolce died late October 2012. The problem is ... how come I've found an article on the Internet from October 2010 that talks about Dolce's death on Tokyohive.com ?

6) A Fake GACKT account will want to seek attention because he knows fans are dying to talk to him. He uses that to give himself/herself some importance, by using another person instead. He pretends to get close to other people to fill a void in their own real life that they couldn't fill otherwise. Or simply for fun, it depends of the person.
Here, it is by talking about the actual REAL events or by posting some actual contents that the REAL GACKT does share on his social medias (Weibo, Instagram, etc...), once again to make it look more realistic and believable. Look at this yourself with screenshots coming from the Instagram videos.

Bonus !

With all this, I think you should be able to understand better the logic behind fake accounts. They want and seek attention, and will never admit the truth, because they see no points of doing it. They will use already known informations to make it belieable, and can someone create multiple accounts connected to this one to make you believe it is real. Unlike roleplays when you know this is just fantasy, these will say they are real and try to fool you into their fantasy.
But what about non-celebrities ? I'll you a quick example of someone who friended me on Facebook. Minutes after I accepted this person, this fake GACKT account added me. Weird, isn't it ? They also happen to like the same weird fanpages on Facebook. GACKT would never like such weird-ass fanpages that puts a blurry version of a photo posted by
GACKT ITALIA. Here is the link of this fanpage : GACKT movies page

Thumbnail SMALL.png

Just stay away from these, or if you don't ... then just stay for the laugh ! xD
But please don't get fooled by these fakes !

EDIT (17th September 2018) :

Soon after this post above, that FAKE GACKT account disapeared, so to appear again later on Facebook. The Ayumi one along with the others remained. I tried to message the owner of those fake accounts (that also handles the Genesis one as seen below), to send her this article. After seeing the message, weirdly enough, that fake G waved at me on Messenger. After a few messages with evidences of his sh*t, he blocked me.
Guess what ? Soon after that as well, it was that weird Genesis Facebook account as seen above who messaged me ... to quickly attack me about why I'm using G's pictures and stuff (just like that fake G did riiiight before). Once I clearly explained myself, since there was no awnsers ... I've confronted this "Kagura", and after she awnsered me with the same broken english that the others ... she blocked me as well ! xD

Catfishing at its best here, not admitting anything, trying to intimidate you when confronted, and/or block you when they don't know what to say. It is pretty obvious that all these 3 accounts are one and only one person behind.
This can be something dangerous if not taken care of. Because you are being manipulated by this person, and that's also illegal to take someone's identity. That fake G account have over 1000 friends at the time I'm writing this. How many victims that Kagura have made already ? And besides that situation, a lot of other people are making up fake online accounts for the same reasons. I would say this is totally sick.

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