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[News] GACKT to become ... GAKTON ? (1st of April 2018)

Hello everyone ! :)
I barely post anymore on my Livejournal, I must admit. I apologize for that, because I use more Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to spread the informations such as new videos or photos nowadays. But this news deserved an entire post here, that's for sure ! :)
Today, in Japan, so the 1st of April, GACKT.com's official website updated with one of his new jokes ... GAKTON. GAKTON is supposedly the new GACKT for today, but with something ... different. He payed a visit to Chachamaru's live for his birthday to sing Kagero, with the actual G's voice. It quite surprised Cha², who wasn't expecting to hear GACKT. The video below has been aired today on NicoNico, and shows GAKTON in action ! ^^ The purpose of this post is to gather all the medias you can ever find online about our new fave japanese singer ! ^_^

A lots of photos are behind the cut, and I tried to do my best to not forget anything. If you find something that is missing, tell me and I'll add it there ! ^^

All the photos below can be reposted without permissions. These aren't my scans in any ways, all the photos comes from official medias such as G's official website ! ^_^


News Articles :

Photos (Click to enlarge) :

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