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[TV] GACKT - Interview at Music ON Saturday (2013.09.27) ~HQ~

Hello again everybody ! :D
After the interview for Asia Versus aired in Japan (see my previous entry), there was another bit of GACKT that was scheduled to be broadcasted on the same channel. Apparently, as far as I've heard, since GACKT have already been 4 times in that show, we knew it would have been something not recent that would be broadcasted. It seems like then there is some bits that weren't shown back then (but I might be wrong) for the purpose of that special show, with many artists that were invited in that TV show. As usual, I don't understand japanese, so I can't give you a proper summary of what's happening ... but I still hope you'll enjoy that piece of GACKT video ! <3

The show was super long, but sadly, there was only so little of GACKT, so I've also kept the opening of the show, just in case ! :)

Tags: claymore, download, gackt, hq, interview, music on saturday (musata), pv, sakura chiru, talk, tv
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