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[Scans] GACKT - Moon Saga Photobook ~HQ~

Ohaiiiii !!!~
Well, I weren't able to keep it up with my last promise about my Moon Saga scans, wich is that my next entry would have been those scans that I'm posting in that entry, but the thing is ... GACKT was in Indonesia, and until then, I had to post these videos first before anything else since it was something really tiring to do, but now, here I am, with those HQ scans of it. For those who have been wondering, no, I haven't damaged my photobook, even if it was a hard cover, I didn't had to bend anything to achieve those scans. However, I haven't scanned ALL the pictures of the book. Less than 10 are missing, without including the pictures displayed on two pages at the same time. So it's pretty much (let's say 3/4) all the GACKT pictures that is in that lovely photobook ! <3

Some scans have some dirts on them, I did have noticed it only too late, but it shouldn't bother you that much ... I hope not. These are super good HQ scans, but some photos weren't really clear. It weren't a photoshoot in a studio after all, so keep that in mind when you'll enjoy these ! ;)
As usual, those aren't true HQ scans. Check out the zipped folder at the end of the entry to get them all in full quality.

Do wathever with these, as long you don't claim them as yours, I'm okay with it. And even if I tend to not reply to your thankfull comments lately (sorry ... ;_;), I'm still enjoying them A LOT ! <3



01 02 03

04 05 06


13 14 15

16 17 18

19 21

22 23 24

26 27

28 29 30

31 32 33

~ Download them all in ultra HQ with MEGA (61 Mbs) ! ~
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