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[Teaser] GACKT - Moon Saga Photobook + Bits of personal stuff

I've recently recieved the Moon Saga Photobook + DVD !!!
And while I haven't updated in a while here, I wanna show you that I have NOT forgot you all !
So I'm currently scanning the photobook, stay tuned for lovely pictuuures in HQ ! <3

Leave a random "+" with your comment if you want me to rip a scene of the DVD of Moon Saga in HQ !

Thumb01 Thumb02
Lately, life haven't been really good, wich explains my total lack of updates here ...
To make it short, I was sick for half a month in August. I also lost my Iphone. My mom isn't doing any efforts anymore lately for her health so I need to support her and then take care of other problems. Not to mention some people pissed me off really much too.

By the way, I'm gonna repeat it here again because a blog (I won't mention any names) tend to repost directly my links on his/her blog. Sure, there's credits and stuff, but because of that, when I requested comments on my entry (for the instrumental recent G songs), the blog mentionned to ask me directly on Facebook. Wich means I got lost quite fast and I were unable to keep up with everything. So I'm kinda forced to re-upload later those without passwords in order to not let everyone without it. If I take enough time to write things in my entries, it's also because it might contains informations about my uploads. So if you wanna hold a blog with sharing contains, at least direct to my entries. That way, I won't need to check multiple places to distribute the password for that case ...

Sorry for the rant, but it kinda needed to go out ! ^^'
Other than that, well, I was really happy to finally recieve that MOON SAGA stuff, I guess I will have to make a review, in the same way than the one I've made for Nemuri stage play. It was really interesting to watch, maybe more than Nemuri. GACKT is scary as hell during a certain moment of the play, and I even made a macro about it ! xD


So yeah, lately, I haven't been in the mood to even take care of my city called "Romans" in Animal Crossing : New Leaf, wich is really bad because I usually play everydays. Instead, I tend to play more to Devil May Cry 3 HD on my PS3, it helps me to kinda ... canalize all these bad waves inside me and then kick them out really hard at once. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. By the way, my PS3 ID is "Tenshin_26100", so if you want to add me, feel free to do it ! ^_^

That's basically it, sorry for the long text, and see you really soon for more scans, those aren't in HQ at all, but later, there will be total HQ scans of it. But be aware that, because it's a hard cover photobook, I won't be able to scan everything. But you can still expect more than 15 scans, be sure of that ! :)

Thanks for reading ! <3
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