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[TV] Gackt - Haneru no Tobira {100¥ Shop} (2008.11.19) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ;)
First, I didn't had the time to say it, but thanks for your feedback about my first magazine scanned ever, I will reply to all of you. Today, we're the first day of June, and what a nice way to start this month with an awesome video in HQ. This video is personally one of my favourites, and is surely one of the funniest featuring Gackt. The 100 Yens shop is basically a game in Haneru no Tobira wich you have to find the items who cost 100 Yens and not more. You have a really playfull Gackt who don't hesitate to make fun of the others ... and who keep promoting his Jesus single all the time in some funny ways ! :P

The original show, brought to us by gubung2 back then is 1 Gb, so I had to reduce it to bring it to you. It's still HQ, but the file size is smaller, so I do hope you will like it that way ! ;)

Tags: 100 yens shop, download, gackt, haneru no tobira, hq, jesus, talk, tv

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