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[Poll] GACKT - N/S Eyes ON Scans (Wich one is the best edit ?)

Hello ! :)
Well, in the process to share some new GACKT scans in HQ, I do want to know what do you think about that question. In fact, when I've scanned that magazine, no matter how HQ I would manage to get, the quality of the paper is not really great when it's scanned. Two of my friends voluntered to try and edit them to give a better result. Well, despite me liking the original one, I do want your opinion about it ! :)

According to your opinions, once I will share the whole magazine, it will contains the original ones with the edits you might prefer or not ! ^_^

Poll #1915139 Let me know your opinion !

Wich version of scans you prefer ?

The original one (N°1 from the left)
The edit made by Artcika (N°2 from the left)
The edit made by Mjspice (N°3 from the left)
I don't know (Justify yourself in a comment)

From the left to the right, the edits are from :
(First and original one by tenshin26100)
artcika & mjspice

original editbyartcika CleanEditbyMJSpice
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