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[TV] Gackt - Haneru no Tobira (2009.06.24) ~HQ~

Well, today, I'm happy of how things goes in a contest I've joined. Let's say that for now, I get the result I wanted to get, so it makes me in a good mood. Anyway, in order to fulfill a request from a dear friend, I had to dig up really old files I've downloaded a long time ago, and now, here it is. I shared this show a whiiile back
HERE, and the credits still goes to the awesome gubung2, where I've snatched that HQ version a long time ago ... before everything was deleted, just like it happened on my blog. Anyway, this show is the 2nd one featuring Gackt as a guest. The first time (the 100Yen shop), he lost, and he came here to take his revenge. The game here is to guess the full word who come from the abbreviation they are been told ! ^_^
The file is the original one I've snatched back then. So it features some commercials, but it's an HQ quality you won't find elsewhere for now, so enjoy ! ;)
Join all the files together with the latest version of HJsplit, thank you !

If you like the video, feel free to leave me a comment, I would really appreciate it ! =)
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