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[DVDrip] GACKT - Making-of Until the Last Day ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, I guess it's part of the daily routine of me to not post often as I want lately ? Sorry for the inconvenience, and I do hope that with such video, you will forget of me not uploading that much lately. Thanks to an awesome and secret friend, I got my hands on a DVDrip of a limited DVD given as a lottery to 5000 japanese fans only. It makes that video quite rare, but I hope it won't be rare anymore with that post, so a maximum of people will enjoy it. For the information, it contains full of shots with GACKT training to perform his Takegami face, but he also speak great english in it ! ^_^

I did have re-encoded the video from the original one I've got, to get a perfect 16:9 ratio, and the quality is almost like the original DVD, so it's the perfect quality to watch a GACKT talking with a sword in his chest ! :P
Mirror link : HERE & HERE (UTLDG)

As usual, a thanks is highly appreciated since I can't really reply to you all lately ! ^_^
Tags: download, dragon age, dvdrip, gackt, hq, making-of, pv, until the last day
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