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[TV] Sengoku Basara {Moonlight Party} - Oda Nobunaga in Episode.9 ~HQ~ {Final}

Hi to everyone ! :)
Sorry to have promised to share the final part of the awesome Oda Nobunaga in Sengoku Basara - Moonlight party for yesterday, some things wasn't how I did have planned them. But today, I'm here for the final part in the last episode of this drama, where GACKT play Oda Nobunaga in it. I'm not beeing mean, but I think that all the budget for the serie have been put for the ending of the drama, when Oda is changing the battlefield to something really beautifull (Moon + GACKT = So GACKTish ! xD), and plus, the battle really got stylish, I think more than before. I hope you'll enjoy it ! <3

You will easely notice that I did have made plenty of cuts in the video. Those cuts was full of flashbacks, too long talk, or too much screaming parts for nothing. It's a GACKT cut, so it should be enough ! ~ ^^
Tags: download, drama, gackt, hq, moonlight party, oda nobunaga, sengoku basara, tv

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