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01 March 2021 @ 12:00 am
~ 頑張って 日本! ~  
GACKT leave a message for Japan and the world !

Tenshin26100tenshin26100 on March 16th, 2012 11:43 am (UTC)
Not everyone understand english as you do, and this is the purpose of that project. Some people can barely speak english, and they are quite happy to finaly see a video translated in their language, when almost nothing is translated for them (I will take the example of the Urdu or the Thai).
Plus, this is a message for the disaster that happened in Japan, so it had a special meaning, so spreading the word in many languages as possible would be more a common sense than any other videos. Due to the lenght of the video, it's also easier for me to make subs of a short video than a long one (it taken me around 30 hours to to this work.)
wongkk: facewongkk on March 24th, 2012 09:56 am (UTC)
It true: far more people have access to the internet now than have access to a good education, especially women who live in cultures where women do not traditionally go to school. How can they learn English?

It's a good project, mon ami, and a great result with so many languages represented! It reflects Gackt's truly international presence. Thank you!