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[TV] GACKT - Until the Last Day at Music Japan (2012.02.19) ~HQ~

Hiii everyone ! :)
Today, on NHK, there was the show called "Music Japan", who had GACKT as a guest, for performing live the song "Until the Last Day". I've to say that despite he's not wearing an armour like we hoped, he's dressed ALMOST like the new picture on GACKT official website, and I quite love that style. He also used his mic stand he first used for Redemption, or for Diabolos concert. Of course, he had to make crazy faces during the performance, just like the PV itself ! :P

The HQ of this video is really impressive. You have here a file who's less than 100 Mbs, for a performance in real HQ, when the Jpopsuki cut was almost 300 Mbs. Just enjoy it~
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