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[PV] GACKT - Until the Last Day (2012.02.14) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, there was the broadcast of the newest PV, called "Until the Last Day", who features a new GACKT song, this time written by him (Am I wrong ?), instead of all his latest songs like Graffiti he didn't written. And here is the PV, in HQ ! Well, not true HD, but it's still HQ for me. For me, you can clearly see that this song is far better than the previous ones, not that I dislike them, but it's been a while I didn't felt like that before for a GACKT song. Why it's a GACKTish song and PV ? Check the end of it and you will see ... and oh, my userpic here is Takegami Teijiro, yes, but if you look well, he's like him in the PV as well. In short, it's DAMN AWESOME !

The PV was uploaded by Milice on Jpopsuki just recently, thanks to that person so we can watch that PV in a so so short time ! ^_^
Tags: download, gackt, hq, pv, tv, until the last day

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