September 22nd, 2018


[ShoowRoom] GACKT - Talk at ShowRoom24 (2016.12.25) ~HQ~

Hello everyone :)
Today, I've decided to share with you all some video uploads ... because it has seriously been an eternity since the last time I seriously uploaded something besides concerts. Anyway, I'll try to upload videos I usually only share on Dailymotion, so you can enjoy it for free on your computer too. This video was recorded live on the ShowRoom website through special ways to avoid the comments and animations on the videos. That explains why this video is free of all these things and looks clean. :)

The quality is marked as "HQ", but it is definetly not the best thing you've seen. However, it is the highest video quality that was available during the stream. There was not any VODs for it, so I was lucky I could catch it in time ^^

Credits are appreciated if you repost the file, but not necessary. Just don't claim it as your work, okay guys ? <3