September 16th, 2018

Gackt on NicoNico

[Informations] How to spot a fake GACKT account on social medias ?

Hello everyone :)
These days, something came up to me. Something that I didn't see in a while. So while this post could apply to any sort of celebrities on social medias, I will focus on the one I know the best. In fact, what I will talk about right now have a name, it is called
catfishing. (Click on the word to get a good definition of it.)
What is this word that relates to furry balls and fishing some fishes ? Well, it is about creating an entire world, sometimes people, or anything, that ends up being fake. It mostly happens online as it's easier to hide the lies, but it also happens in real life. When someone creates a fake famous celebrity profile (or any random people) and he makes someone believe he/she is truly the person he/she pretends to be ... it IS catfishing. And this, especially for a long time. Do not mix up catfishing with roleplay accounts, because in such cases, you DO specify it is just roleplay and NOT the reality.

I was myself a victim of catfishing for nearly an entire year with someone who would have made up so much lies and even created 4 or 5 different persons I've interacted with. Some people are very smart, but the one we're gonna talk about here aren't really that type.

Got curious ? Come with me to find out the truth !
No names of anyone will be published in this, except for those accounts that I know at 100% they are fake accounts, celebrities or not.

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