July 4th, 2018


[NicoNico] GACKT - Last Songs Concert (2018.07.04)

Hello ^_^
Long time no see, right ? Well, it's because I tend to share most of my videos nowadays on my Dailymotion account, so it gives me less time to write an entry on my blog. But for such type of videos, I think it's necessary to dedicate my time for an entry, don't you think ?
Today, the 04th of July of 2018, it is the birthday of our dear GACKT, he turned 45 years old. He have made a concert called "LAST SONGS" wich was to commemorate the big steps of his carreer, the most important things related to him (at least, that's how I see it lol). He also invited guests, such as Jon Underdown from YFC, he performed songs with those guests, and I loved it. So I though of sharing the full concert for you guys ! <3

There was a little lag during Yohio's MC with GACKT, and I apologize for that. Overall, the video quality is quite similar to the original broadcast. I did my best to give the best results as I could ^_^

Join all the parts together with the freeware called "HJsplit" and make sure the file names are exactly the same before doing so ! ^_^