April 8th, 2017

Pervert Gackt

[Review] GACKT - Last Visualive Concert DVD Premium Pack (3 Discs)

Hello everyone ! :)
After gathering some courage, I am finally taking the time to write a review of the GACKT Last Visualive that got released on DVD and Bluray in March 2017. If you look for the tag "review" on the left side of my blog (CTRL + F on keyboard), you will notice that I've already reviewed some other GACKT releases in the past. I felt like I should review this item too, as it is a very impressive tour, his last visualive, who is visually stunning. :)

Ended in 2016, quite some time has passed between the end of his tour, and the release of his concert. But a lot of questions came to my mind while watching it, I must admit. First, why didn't I went to Japan to see it in person ? (xD) Secondly, why this release lack contains from the actual show ?

I will try to be as neutral as possible while writting that review, so keep in mind that there will be negative points to be detailed, but also positive ones. I hope reading that will help you deciding to buy it or not if you still didn't got it ! ^_^

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