March 27th, 2017


[Scans] GACKT - Last Visualive DVD Premium Box (3 Disks)

I would like to say something first of all. I would like to thank everyone who contributed financially to me through a YouCaring page that I've opened last year. Sadly, it just disapeared, so I can't even link it to you all ... but this helped me obtaining an item I would have never been able to get without your help. I sure got custom fees out of it (can't help it), but it is thanks to YOU that I could recieve it at home. I dunno how to properly thank you all for your kindness, but I'm really grateful ! :3
This item is the limited premium DVD version of GACKT's Last Visualive (shortened as LVL) that have 3 disks. The bluray version got only 2, but the contains is strictly the same. It contains a bonus making-of video of approximatly 20 minutes long. It is pretty similar in terms of packaging than the limited BOTB box that featured the two concerts, and who was on sale in the GACKT store.

This contain a booklet with quite a few nice pictures, along with the lyrics of the songs played in the concert. It even came with a postcard that is scanned obviously ^_^

A thank you is always appreciated if taken, and if you repost it, don't feel forced to credit me. If you do it, I would still appreciate it :3 However, do not claim the work as yours, thank you ! :)

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