January 1st, 2017

Gackt R&R II

[Scans] GACKT - Best of the Best Tour Photobook (2013) ~HQ~

Happy New Year 2017 everyone !!!
I would like to wish you all a much better year than what we had in 2016, and hopefully tons of new and positive memories for you all. I know it might be like every other years, both shitty and ... not shitty, but I still hope for the best, for you all ! :)

I wanted to share this since a while actually, but because of the lack of proper time to scan this LONG book, I basically spent months to complete it entirely and get satisfaction in my work. To scan half of this, in the fastest way as possible, it took the entire afternoon, from like 2 PM to 7 PM. I did that for so long, but at the end, I know it will worth it !
I'm offering you all to begin this new year the photobook of the Best of the Best 2013 tour, that is quite hard to find nowadays, and who got sold-out really fast. It is a really beautifull photobook, wich have a lot of nice photos, both of backstage and live. I do hope you will love it ! :)

For the sake of keeping my photobook alive, I couldn't scan ALL the pages obviously, but I still think I'm providing you a decent amount though ! ^^
Find the password among the scans, it is really easy if you pay a little bit attention, so no need to ask for it ! ^_^

No need to credit me for the scans if you repost them, however, if you do, I would really appreciate it ! Also, I will read all your messages, so a thank you if you take it is always enjoyable for me ! :333

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