September 3rd, 2015


[Scans] GACKT - Desktop Calendar 2015-2016 (With bonus postcards) ~HQ~

Helluuuh evurybudy ! :)
Lately, I think it's time to go fast and to come back on track with scanned stuff. By that, I mean that there's some stuff that I can start scanning in April and finish them months later. That's what happened with this one though. Not only I sometimes scan half of it and never end it, but sometimes, I also totally forget to do it. So expect more scans to come in the upcoming days of course ! ;)
And since it's not yet too late for the desktop calendar to be shared, here I am. Once again, the calendar has been shared already a long time by our awesome Anh Dears on Facebook, but I'm here to provide you the ultimate quality for them, along with some bonues, like the front of the frame itself. It does have an holographic effect when you hold it in real life, so you won't get the same kind of view of it of course here ! :P

As always, it's always small versions that I upload here. To get the big HQ versions, you need to download them. But trust me, you won't regret it ! ;)

Credits are very welcomed when shared elsewhere, thanks very much ! ^_^


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