August 31st, 2015

HQ Master

[Scans] GACKT - 15th Anniversary Goods (Clearfiles + Postcards) ~HQ~

I've to admit it, I don't and can't post as much as I used to on my livejournal. That's a sad fact, but there's one thing I won't slow down on or stop doing it, it's sharing or recording every GACKT stuff as I can. It's something I like to do too much for me to stop. Consider this as a hobby. Who would have been there to record the full Camui Gakuen concerts or the recent Kenshin Festivals ? Or some old TV shows that nobody else shared after some years ? It's when I look at things like that, that I think that I should really not stop ! <3
Anyway, after like a year or more, I finally share with you all those great pictures. These goods went sold-out quite fast, so I want to thanks again my shopping service
Alice Hizou for getting them in time. Since then, there was more anniversary goods this year, but nothing that I've gotten, since what I could possibly scan were random ... :(
These were always scanned on Facebook by our dear Anh Dears, but I will provide you here a muuuch clearer and better quality, so please take a look at them ! ^_^

Please use with credits if you ever plan to repost them somwhere else, thank you really much ! :3


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