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Hello :)
I'll explain in a different entry what happened to me after all this time without truly ANY updates here. But for now, I wanna post this entry, because I feel like it's quite obscure what to expect from this new GACKT album. I will try to remain as neutral as I can. What I mean by that is that I won't let my fanboy side talk too much, so I can give you an honest review about it. This album has been released in stores today now, but is already available for legal download on Itunes since a few days already. The limited edition version of the album from the GACKT STORE features a special packaging along with a bonus DVD, showing some samples of every songs in the album, along with footages of the PVs, remade as well, and when it's available. I'll use screencaps from this DVD to make the review appear less ... boring maybe ? ^_^

Also, this review will be written live. I've barely listened to the songs, and some of them will be new to me. So not only it took me hours to write this, but it might appears I've less things to say about something simply because I had to think more about some songs previously played in the album. I apologize for that ^^'
This review is my opinion only and might not reflect everyone's opinions about each songs. Please understand it while reading me, thank you. I'm also not a musical expert or even a musician ! ^_^

I'm personally not a big fan of club music, but I don't hate that style either, keep that in mind ! ^_^


~ Overall Review Here ! ^_^ ~Collapse )

~ Each Tracks Review Here ! ^_^ ~Collapse )

Thanks for reading me, don't hesitate to leave a comment if you liked it. I might not be able to respond to everyone, but I do read them all, so share your opinion about it as well ! ^_^