February 4th, 2015

Gackt *~Cool N.2~*

[Scans] GACKT - Akatsukizukuyo - DAY BREAKERS (All 3 Editions) ~HQ~

Hello every bodies ! :D
I just remembered that I did have scanned last year (in December, hahaha xD) the 3 editions of GACKT's latest single, and that I never shared it for all of you guys. These scans were made all in the row, so it took me quite a long time to achieve them. But you know what ? I regret absolutely nothing, for once, I'm really proud of the output results of these scans, even though I was a little bit worried at first. Anyway, this entry will feature all the 3 editions of the single as scans, this also include the now rare Tsutaya edition, wich, even if it doesn't come with a DVD, feature exclusive new pictures that are nowere to be found in the other versions ! ^_^

I didn't scanned the back of the singles and the disks as well. I was doing that before, but since it doesn't have any specific pics on it ... I decided to not do it. :)

Credits for my work is always appreciated if reposted, but as long as you don't claim them as yours, do wathever you want with these pictures <3
Also, don't forget that the pictures above are reduced versions compared to the ones you can download, who are them, in HQ.


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