January 30th, 2015

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #3

[Stickers] GACKT - Official Camui Gakuen LINE Stickers ~Original HQ Quality~

Hello tout le monde :)
Today, on the LINE Stickers Store, there's new GACKT related stickers released, the
Camui Gaku-en Greeting Sticker. These stickers are like the previous ones released and also uploaded on my blog, they can be used in your conversations to make them funnier or to express yourself better. While I did have backed up the previous set myself, all the credits for the back up goes to chibiyumikop this time. The great thing is that, just like I did before, those aren't screencaps of the stickers with edits to get a proper background, but indeed the original .PNG files of the stickers. So no lost quality due to editing or while screencaping them, you will get the original stuff with those ! ^_^
Since they were released the same day as I'm writting this, I'll be keeping them F-locked for one month or less, just to let enough people buy them before. I shared publicly the previous set because it was a while after they were released, so I hope you'll all understand my choice. <3

Please don't share publicly these files until I set this entry for public viewing, thanks. ^_^


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