September 12th, 2014

Moon Saga Vol.2 Yoshitsune

[Stickers] GACKT - Official Chibi GACKT LINE Stickers ~Original HQ Quality~

Hello everyone ! :)
A quick entry before I leave for Paris. Strangely, I'm not that tired, maybe it's because of my recent shower ? Anyway, I wanted to share them since quite a long time, but as always recently, I couldn't. GACKT now released quite some ago cute little stickers who represent him, as a Chibi. Those stickers, aren't free sadly when you're using LINE either on Iphone or Android. What I did to compilate them all on this entry wasn't to take screenshots of my screen. I've digged into my phone hidden folders via an app that allowed me to reach and download those stickers in their original quality, like they were made. So no quality lost while editing a screencap, only the real thing, like you've maybe always wanted ! ;)

As you may have figured it out, those aren't pics I've found online and put there randomly, so you cannot expect a better quality than these below. ^_~

If you share those below, please at least credit me for the work I put into it, thanks ! ^_^


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