August 23rd, 2014

Moon Saga Vol.2 Yoshitsune

[Scans] GACKT - Moon Saga Novel (Pictures Only) ~HQ~

I'm shamelessly updating my dead Livejournal after a while to offer you new scans never shared before in the fandom in HQ. Indeed, I did have recieved the MoonSaga Novel quite some time ago (got it from HMV since it's sold-out on CDjapan), and guess what did motivated me to own it ? Not because it's a GACKT product, but because I heard from other people that there is some interesting pictures of MoonSaga in it. So because I could not read anything from the Novel, I decided to own it for the pics and to scan them, wich is what I'm offering you there. The two MoonSaga pro pictures for the Vol.2 have already been revealed before, but I don't think they did in such quality. As for the backstage pics of the Hyori's auditions, they were totally new to me ! ^_^

I did have shared the full pages and for two the pictures alone AS WELL, but they are not included in the entry itself. To get them, you'll have to grab the zipped folder at the end of the entry. The reason ? It's easier if you wanna look at them only, and as a plus, they are sliighty in a better size ! ;)

As always, do wathever you want with them, but don't claim them as yours, thank you. Also, credits are appreciated of course, and a thanks too ! <3


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