June 16th, 2014

Best of the Best

[TV] GACKT - Sekai Ichi Uketai Jyugyou (2014.04.26) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
First post of June, and I must say I'm still being really bad at updating my Livejournal, isn't it ? I still hope I've got some people following me and not leaving forever after so much long time, hahaha ! xD Anyway, this is another video that I've shared quite some time ago on my Dailymotion account of one of his appearance in a TV show that makes you learn new things, mainly at first about animals and their habits. Remember the fanclub picture that's floating around of GACKT taking a picture with Hello Kitty ? Well, it was probably not so long after this TV show, because Hello Kitty was there during this show ! :D

The quality is really good. While not being really perfect (I can't record TV shows anymore on TV), I think this will be pretty much enjoyable for all the lovers here. Oh, and it's a G-cut, so more enjoyable that way ! <3

~ Streaming link on Dailymotion here ! ~