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Osu, ora Goku ! xD
Today, and also because I take much more time that I was expecting to post something bigger, I still have decided to post a little something for you all, just to make you all wait a little bit longer. Wait, what I'm talking about ? Check my Tumblr account or my Twitter account for more informations. Not only it save me some time to explain everything, and secondly, it's self advertising, isn't that great ? xD *laugh* Okay, today, I will be sharing the scans or the little limited box that were available only in GACKT (Global) Store for a limited amount of time. So yes, sure, there's nothing too much to scan in this, but I think maybe some people still wanted to see some scans of it, so here I come ! ^_^

Since there's only 3 pictures, there's nothing to download this time. The original quality pictures are here , and I do hope you'll enjoy them ! <3

If reposted, please don't claim them as yours, that would be nice. A little credit is ALWAYS appreciated of course, but as long you enjoy these, I'm happy ! :)

Picture credits : @MoonSooul
Bg_3O-pIUAAD-Yh.jpg large

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