May 6th, 2014

Gladiator Evolution

[DVDrip] Dragon Age - Knight Commander (DA : Dawn of the Seeker) ~GACKT cut~ {HQ}

Hello to my followers ! :)
How you've been doing ? I guess since I've been posting more on my blog, I'm lifting up more and more my mood, wich is a good thing. I do have recieved some money today wich will mark the begining of a monthy sort of "paycheck", so I can't complain. Saving up and stuff is something I will definetly do properly this time. And maybe I will be able to travel overseas this time ? Who knows ! Anyway, today's a video I did have shared quite some time ago on Dailymotion only, and that I finally take the time to share with you all. This GACKT cut come from the animation movie Dragon Age : Dawn of the Seeker that I've managed to get in it's european french version here. And since it contains both japanese & french language, I've decided to offer you this little present ! <3

For the little information, while Until the Last Day have been using in the credits at the end of the movie in Japan, the YFC European version is playing in the credits for the movie dubbed in another language. They somehow made it outside Japan ! <3

~ Streaming link on Dailymotion here ! ~