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Hello everyone !
Yesterday, the official GACKT Facebook account (not held by GACKT) updated with the result of a contest between Yumeoji and Shiki Takashi, and it seems Shiki-san won. In the result of that, they offered us an app, linked with GACKT.com website, that allows the Facebook users to get a new cover for their Facebook profiles !

You have two ways to get your brand new cover. Please note that the second way can come handy if you want to keep a copy of your cover on your computer. The app will have your full Facebook name written on the cover picture. Will you get yours ? :)

Source : GACKT Official Facebook, GACKT Special Facebook Cover App
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Hello everyone ! :)
I'm posting this entry to help as much people as possible with the recent
Akumu-chan Facebook Cover App just released a day ago. It seems like some people experience some issues while trying to get their Facebook cover, so I will detail a short tutorial of how to make it to work. This should be really simple that way, and you shouldn't have any sort of troubles anymore, so tell me if it works or not !

Please note that before posting this tutorial, I did have asked to 2 people who had the app not working to try it that way. I cannot guarantee to work it at 100%, but I guess this should give you big chances to make it work, because it worked for them !


~ You will find the tutorial behind the cut ! ^_^ ~Collapse )

I do hope it worked for you. I didn't had that much trouble to make it work myself, but I hope this will help some people that had trouble while trying to use it. A funny easter egg is on the website though ... when you reach THIS PAGE in case the app is working ... try clicking on GACKT's name in the top of the page, this will lead you to a similar Facebook Namie Amuro app ... hahaha ! xD *laugh*
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