May 2nd, 2014

Nemuri Kyoshiro #2

[NicoNico] GACKT - Moon Saga Vol.2 Press Conference (2014.03.31) ~HQ~

It seems like I've been neglecting my Livejournal ... as always lately. Yesterday was the anniversary of my passed away cat Pouchy, I wasn't even strong enough to fulfil my promise to myself of doing a video to commemorate his birthday ...
Anyway, even though it have been updated on Dailymotion since it was aired on NicoNico, I still haven't shared it here, what a shame, but I'm here to repair my mistake. I've been constantly pushing for later what I need to do, friend requests, private messages from friends, or even what I need to do for myself, but even more than usual. But this Livejournal deserve a better care, right ? Visits have been decreasing a lot lately, wich means I really need to do something for it. Not that I care, but they are here to show if what I post makes people interested or not. Will definetly work on that !

Enough rambling, I guess you all know already what is that Moon Saga Volume 2 is, right ? It's basically the next part of the story, I can't say more since there's not any concrete informations on the story revealed yet ! ^^
Join all the parts with HJsplit in order to view the video, thanks !

~ Streaming link on Dailymotion here ! ~
Nemuri Kyoshiro #1

[NicoNico] GACKT - Moon Saga Vol.2 Press Conference (2014.03.31) ~ HQ Premium Corner~

Hello again ! ^_^
Now, it's the turn of the premium corner of the Moon Saga Vol.2 press conference aired on NicoNico right after the conference itself. It was only for the premium users on the website, and it features a really short interview between the host and GACKT about the play itself. Not too much to say except that in this part, you have GACKT and only GACKT to the camera, the three other people with him left before he did, probably because the press conference was over. I gotta say it's sad that these premium corners are getting shorter everytime we get to have some. They were longer back then, right ? Anyway, we cannot complain, after all, this is always a bonus, right ? An even greater bonus when it's recorded for everyone, no matter what kind of users you are, right ? ^_^

As usual, like the press conference, the quality is an optimum quality, wich means you won't get any better for an .avi file, so I do hope you will enjoy it ! :)

~ Streaming link on Dailymotion here ! ~