April 23rd, 2014

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~

[NicoNico] GACKT - Camui Gakuen Tour (2013.12.22) {Before the concert} ~HQ?~

Hmmm ... hello ? ^^
After quite a long time being absent, lots of things are happening in my head, lot of things seems to change, and I don't even see those changes coming, weird, isn't it ? It's like Charmeleon evolving into Charizard, getting on a better path to be finally who we're supposed to be, but with more weaknesses than before due to his wings. I seems to get stronger, but the more I am, the more my weaknesses can kill me in a second. I can't really explain it better than that, but right now, there's some changes in my mind that I don't mind and so, I'll let them coming. I will see how it goes, but I hope for the best. I'll do my best to make things to the best anyway. Okay, back on the topic, I was supposed to share that video quite some month ago (look at the date xD), because it was stored on my computer, but I never took the time to share it anywhere, despite the requests I've got on Twitter for example. This is a cut I've made during the NicoNico paid broadcast of the Camui Gakuen concert, wich features a really funny "host" trying to entertain the viewers no matter what it takes. And so, he decided to go meet the F9 members as well. I did have kept this part and tried to cut it so you get only that part. Otherwise, you would have got lots of random talk, and fan interviews (Hey
ryuik xD) to keep us entertained until the concert begins.
The quality is that the best I could deliver. The recording were made through a premium account, so I assume this is some sort of "HQ" quality. But it could have been worse, right ? ;)

Looots of pending F-requests to accept ... will do it asap, please wait for me. Might not reply individualy to everyone due to some being older than 3 months, but I will work on that, sorry for the wait ...