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29 March 2014 @ 10:56 pm
I would like to dedicate that entry to what I've lost today, this morning, and this is not an easy task for me to write that ...
Pouchy, born the 01 May 1997 (and not 1996 as my mom always told me and that I believed her), was my dear beloved cat I had for most of my life. I was less than 10 when I first got it, he was a little kitty, fitting in your hand, and looking at you with his little eyes ...
He was like the brother I never had, I could handle any difficulties as long he were there, with me. Actually, he was like a dog, following me everywhere, and always meowing when I was talking to him. Lately, he were getting really weak, barely eating or pooping, so I brought him to the vet and he gave him some cortisone to help him handling the pain due of being old ... that was supposed to last for 3 weeks long, but the cortisone only had some effects for like 5-6 days. After that, he were back to his old habits, of not doing anything, not even meowing.
At the end, we had to make the decision to allow him to sleep forever and not suffering anymore at the vet. I'm so much in pain right now ... who's gonna sleep with me during the night ? Who's gonna go after me when I come back at home ? Where is he right now ? I feel so alone right now ...

01 May 1997 - 29 March 2014
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