March 11th, 2014


[Scans] GACKT - Desktop Calendar 2014 ~HQ~


Hello everyone ! :)
As you can see with the picture above, today is unfortunatly a sad day for everyone in Japan. Sadly, in 2011, a tsunami have devastated the north of Japan, making a lot of people without parents or homeless. We will never forget them, and I will never forget them either, I always pray that something like that never ever happen again ...
I finally decide to share something that I've scanned like a month ago, but never had the courage and the motivation to upload it. This is the limited 2014 GACKT desktop calendar released at the end of December 2013, that most of us recieved in January. This is the first desktop calendar that I manage to purchase since I've missed the one released last year, and I've to admit I do prefer the diary versions of them. So yes, it was easier to scan the desktop calendar since it's not a book you've to maintain opened, but a diary is kinda like a sacred book, I dunno. Maybe it's because my desktop calendar 2014 was really fragile, and almost got his glue that keep the sort of "window" with the back removed once I've tried to put the two metallic things that makes him stand on the shelf. Quite sad, yes, but at least, I've got to scan them, right ? xD And most importantly, it's still in one piece, so this should be okay ! :P

These scans are in the same quality as the Camui Gakuen Calendar, maybe slighty better due to the better paper used for that product ! ^_^
I highly recommand you to download them all through 4shared, those in that zipped folder are in a 2,5 times better quality ! =)
Average resolution : 1900 x 1450

Do what you want with them, graphics are well appreciated, but don't repost it saying you've scanned them knowing you doesn't, or I swear I will hunt you for the rest of your life ! :P :P


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