February 12th, 2014


[NicoNico] GACKT - Special Event for P.S. I LOVE U (2014.02.11) ~HQ~

Hellu everyone ! :)
Yesterday, an event was held in Japan (somewhere in Tokyo as they said) to promote and talk about what his new song "P.S. I LOVE U" is. This event was broadcasted live through NicoNico Douga as well for those who couldn't go there. 700 fans were picked through a lottery, wich reduce a lot the chances to go there with so few seats. Anyway, the event featured 2 MVs that GACKT did have been inspired and who are on Youtube, GACKT talked a lot as well, but he also mentionned Ogata Ken and Kami (from Malice Mizer), and that was really touching. I did have cut the 2 MVs that are anyway available on Youtube, the same goes for the new PV of "P.S. I LOVE U", because the MV have been uploaded in HD on Youtube through his official account, so this is kinda useless to keep it in the video, right ? :)

The sound might be a little bit "low", so if you can't hear really well ... well, you know what to do with your speakers ! xD The video quality is the one from premium members as well ^_^
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