February 7th, 2014

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #2

[Scans] GACKT - Camui Gakuen Desktop Calendar 2014 (Gakuensai) ~HQ~

... Oh wait, am I late ? xD Well, I've detailled under a cut the main reason of why I've been away, so if you want to read, just go ahead and click on the spoiler ! ^^
[My long story behind being so much away of my blog ...]First of all, with my current job, this isn't going well AT ALL ... since the very begining actually. To make things clearer, I am working in the suburb I was used to live like 5 years ago since the 2nd December 2013. I've left that place because of all the douchebags (and I'm being nice here) living around and messing up with everything. I seriously can't stand them, but hey, guess what ? My job implies that I work with 15 of the worst people from there all the time, from the morning to the almost end of afternoon. I'm the only one not smoking, and they don't care, they still smoke in the truck, so while I'm poisonned with that thing, I have to deal with their constant violent and racist behavior. Like the french people (by that, they means those who come from france, without origins and stuff, not asian for example) the white ones, they don't care insulting them, me as well, and when I contest, they all get angry. You might be wondering then, is my boss stopping them to keep a certain harmony in the team ? Not at all, he's kinda in the same stuff, except he don't participate in such behaviors by not replying or talking at all. More than that, it's MY FAULT because before I arrived, everything was fine and it was super great (according to the big boss, staying in the office =_=). Better than that, even though I'm not the only one to be new there, they force me to switch between the two teams (the 15 workers are separated in two different teams with two different boss on the field). Then why I am the only one doing that ? It's not their crappy excuses of "You will discover more about that job" that is going to make me stop thinking it's because they can all smoke in peace while I'm away, I can see how much it's bothering them ... -_-
Better than that, the boss already insulted me in arabic, thinking I would not understand. Even worse, and I suggest you to stop reading from there because this might hurt you reading such stuff, but they were literally and totally praising Hitler for killing all the jewish innocent people, and if they would find one in the street, they won't hesitate kicking, puching him/her and burning that same person, they explained how great it would make them feel ...
I've almost ended depressed, so I decided before it was too late to put an end to this as soon as possible ... by quitting, totally. Fortunatly, even though I need to find a job again from 0, France allows people starting from 25 years old to earn some little bits every months (up to 490€) to allow you staying active and to build a future. So while I'm searching for something I really want to do this time, I need to leave that place. I was having around 3-4 nightmares/bad dreams every weeks, and I'm the kind to usually not remember the dreams I have during the night.

If you've decided to skip the long spoiler text, I would understand, that can be boring if you're truly not interested in that, I can understand you know ! xD To focuse on more happy things, I will answer to all the not answered comments I've got on my few past entries related to the Camui gakuen streaming (thanks you all <3), because I can't let so much people like that, I also need to thanks you all back for these ! ^_^ I still have the footages with the F9 members selling their own food at the goods stores inside the hall before the Camui Gakuen concert, I will share this next Monday if everything goes as planned, but I definetly don't want to repeat this again, to be away for so long. Did you forgot me ? *laugh*
In order to complete this entry with lovely stuff, I did have scanned a while back (yeah, the reasons in the spoiler above are why it took so long) the Camui Gakuen desktop calendar that I've recieved from the awesome shopping service
Alicehizou on Facebook. Since I know her and I was offered to order some stuff, I did. Next target to be scanned ... the beautifull 2014 desktop calendar of GACKT, and if it's possible before I recieved the special box of his upcoming single ... xD
The scans were all shared previously by the awesome Anh, who owns the Facebook fanpage Gacktfan.vn, but you know me, I love going beyond the HQness, so I'm offering you here an awesome super great HQ quality for these photos, so I hope you'll be satisfied with the work I put on it ! ^_^
I highly recommand you to download them all through 4shared, those in that zipped folder are in a 2,5 times better quality ! =) 

Do what you want with them, graphics are well appreciated, but don't repost it saying you've scanned them knowing you doesn't, or I swear I will hunt you for the rest of your life ! :P :P

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