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First of all, I'm really glad so much people enjoyed the Camui Gakuen concert I've shared on my previous post. Sure, I'm not the only who be thanked in that story because my friends helped me on that task, but since I don't think I can reveal their names, just think it was some sort of team work, hahaha. I promised on that previous post to share that part as well, so here it is. it contains the cut part between the Papa Lapped dance of the F9 members and the actual begining of the concert. It's almost an hour long, and it features the sempai (YOU, Takumi, etc ...) trying to act like the characters you might have seen on the Moon Saga stage play. YOU is the little girl in white who's always following Kage, Sato is playing the woman named Tomoe, Takumi is Yoshinaka, Shinosu in his own character of course since he have been playing in Moon Saga, and ... I forgot the name of the guys who are playing the other character, such as Yoshitsune. Sometimes, you might see a fake GACKT, the same kind that you might have seen in a old PV of him or in some TV shows, wich is quite fun. But there's absolutely NO GACKT in that part, wich is also why I did have cut this out of the concert shared previously first of all. :)

The video quality can vary to very good to kinda bad, it depends of what's happening in the video. If the quality decrease during some parts, this is not because of my encoding software, but it was because of NicoNico Douga while they were broadcasting it. I hope you'll be all okay with this :)
Join all the parts with HJsplit in order to watch the concert ! ^_^

If anyone want to provide mirror links, just feel free to do it, I would be grateful for that, same goes if you want to share the video elsewhere, the only thing I will ask is to re-upload it yourself if you do, don't hotlink these links, thanks ! <3
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