December 23rd, 2013

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #3

[NicoNico] GACKT - Camui Gakuen Tour (2013.12.22) ~Premium Quality~

Hello everybody !!! :)
First of all, thanks for all your comments left on my previous entry for the NicoNico broadcast with G in order to introduce the Camui Gakuen concert to us all. This time, I'm coming to you all in order to share with you all something that I'm pretty sure a lot is waiting for, the actual whole concert of the Gakuensai, also called Camui Gakuen, with GACKT as Seito Kaicho. This concert was broadcasted yesterday, the 22th December, on NicoNico, and was live streamed with the actual show held at the same moment. Three noticable parts were shown. The first one was footages of the fans and then with the Sempai (YOU, Takumi & co.), 2nd part was with the introduction of the Camui Gakuen, and stuff such as the election of Mister & Miss Gakuen and then a Moon Saga parody with the F9 members (Also called "Sempai"). The last part is the actual concert, shared here. I decided in this video to keep the 2nd part with only the introduction of the show, the elections and the concert. The footages with the Moon Saga parody will come later tomorow, and as for the very first part, I will upload it later if some people show some interests to it ... or if I feel like to do it ! :P

The video quality can vary to very good to kinda bad, it depends of what's happening in the video. If the quality decrease during some parts, this is not because of my encoding software, but it was because of NicoNico Douga while they were broadcasting it. I hope you'll be all okay with this :) As for the Watermarking issue that some people can't stand, I've made smaller ones and for shorter moments. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
Join all the parts with HJsplit in order to watch the concert ! ^_^

It took me 5 hours to upload all of this. If a link is taken down, I might not be able to re-upload it. So anyone want to provide mirror links, just feel free to do it, I would be grateful for that, same goes if you want to share the concert elsewhere, the only thing I will ask is to re-upload it yourself if you do, don't hotlink these links, thanks ! <3