October 6th, 2013

GG Monthly 30

[Radio] GACKT - Interview in Indonesia at Trax FM (2013.10.06) ~Re-aired~

Ohaiiiii !!!~ ^_^
Today, the Jakarta Indonesian radio decided to grant the wish of a dear friend of mine to re-air the interview of GACKT they broadcasted some days ago in the radio show called "Iroiro". The reason is that, while the audio quality of the interview is really baaad (interview in a room full of noises), during the first time they aired it, they though to add a background music to it, wich was insane. So thanks to the kind people behind the radio show, they granted us with a version without background music. Anyway, this interview, all in english, is talking about many things related to Indonesia, or why he did have choosen the name "Papa Lapped a pap Lopped" as a song name in one of his previous releases. The location of this interview is the studios where GACKT did have played the scenes in the upcoming episodes of the Sentai called "BIMA" !

I did have shared the best quality as possible, but you might not correctly hear everything perfectly. I would suggest you to pick up your earphones to listen to it ! ^_^

A short version and a full version are available. The only difference between those two versions is that you won't have the hosts at all but only the interview in the short one. Everything (except 2 songs the songs) are included in the full version ! :)