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Hello everyone ! :)
Today, I wanted to check out if the new version of the website GACKT.com do fully work on the mobile phone while using Wifi, so I did have tried, and I though of taking screencaps for you all who are just curious of how it might looks like at the end. Everything is fully functional, nothing's not working, except for the recent page added for the calendar 2014, wich you will notice by yourself. So exit all the flash stuff, and not only welcome the new fanclub name (G&Lovers), but a new and more functional version of the website. I do still prefer the old one though, but I'll get used to it, right ? :)

Screenshot_2013-10-03-21-27-07 Screenshot_2013-10-03-21-27-20 Screenshot_2013-10-03-21-28-06

Screenshot_2013-10-03-21-28-25 Screenshot_2013-10-03-21-29-40 Screenshot_2013-10-03-21-32-08

~ The Lovers Room as well ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
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