September 23rd, 2013

GACKT in Paris #3

[TV] GACKT - GlobalTV Indonesian Message (2013.09.23)

Helloooo everybody ! :)
If I say the name GACKT ... if I name the country called Indonesia, what do you think right now ? Yeeeah, you're right, GACKT in Indonesia. Okay, I'm deadly tired, excuse me for that stupid sentence, but I've managed, with the helps of some friends, I were able to know that GACKT would appear again on Indonesian television, so I have spent my 2nd sleepless night in the row to record for all of you this show. It features the host talking about GACKT with footages of the RCTI show (different angles) along with a nice message IN ENGLISH of G for Indonesian fans. He even mentioned he would like to live there ... but hey, didn't he mentioned to love France and that he would love to get a castle there ? Oh you ... xD

The quality varies to good at semi-good during the second half. The streaming weren't super great during some moments, I apologize for this, but I still hope you'll like that little footage ! :)