September 22nd, 2013

GACKT in Paris #2

[TV] GACKT - Talk at RCTI Dahsyat (2013.09.22) ~MQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Sorry, I weren't able to post earlier my Moon Saga scan I teased you with in my previous entry, but I PROMISE that this will be my next update. I finally got my new phone yesterday, so I played a little bit with it, add that to my personal life, it doesn't give me that much free time I'm afraid. Anyway, I'm posting this here because GACKT appeared today, not on Japanese television but on Indonesian television, on the RCTI channel. I don't know much about this show, but what I know is that we can probably thanks Reino Barack for this. GACKT wanted to speak english by himself, so you will understand most of it. There's also a lucky fan who got the chance to greet him in front of the camera ! <3

The video quality sometimes turns out really bad, but globally, I did my best to give you the best quality as possible, so I still hope you'll enjoy it ! :)