August 12th, 2013

GACKT in Paris #4

[TV] Gackt - CFA Fashion Awards (2007.12.09)

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, it's been a while, I know, but lately, I've got no time for most of the internet stuff, wich is a shame. But a few days ago, because a dear friend requested me a old video, so I did have looked deeply into my external HDD, and then, I came across a really oooold recording I've made. I did have recorded this online in the year of 2007, while before I did even had a Livejournal or even before I spoke english properly. Basically, the stream (in my memory) weren't in super great quality, both audio & video, but it's perfectly watchable. I remember I had to watch the whole even, wich lasted for many hours ... my brain made an overdose of chinese that day ! xD
Anyway, in this video, he was invited to the Shangai Fashion Awards of 2007, also called CFA, for an award. I guess you might have all seen one day a picture from this event with his realllyyy tight pants. I've been told back then in 2007 that it was also that day that Belle Constantine Chappy (his dog) passed away, wich would explain why he look so sad at the end and not in the begining. But there's no official sources confirming it sadly ...

This recording contains a few bits with the photographers and the press, he also leave a little message in mandarin to the camera. So far, I haven't seen any other people recording that bit, so I do hope you'll enjoy it ! <3