August 1st, 2013

Lau Wong/Gackt

[DVDrip] Gackt Disk - Bujingai Conception + Interview (2003.12.03) ~HQ~

Ohaiii everyone ! :)
Recently, I've unexpectedly recieved a promo DVD that probably some of you have heard already, called "Gackt disk". It's a mirrored looking DVD with around 12 minutes of footages from the making of the game (motion capture) to the voice dubbing, but also bits of the press conference. You can also have a making-of for the commercial of Bujingai, with the great Mind Forest as a background music. At the end, you have a 4 minutes long interview about Bujingai. I did have subbed back then this interview, with the help of
excused_early, but I don't think it's still available anymore due to Megaupload's death. Anyway, I hope you will like that little video, and that you might want to discover more about Bujingai because of it ... it's an awesome video game on Playstation 2, with GACKT in it or not. ;)
For those who are wondering where I've got that date, I've checked the datas in the DVD and looked at their date of creation. It might not reflect the exact release date of it, but it's still quite accurate I think ! ^_^
Please use HJsplit to join all the parts together in order to watch the show, thank you !!